Check Out This 2016 Map of Playa Vista

Tip of the hat once again to our pal Matt Sprowles at Madison Partners, whose team put together this map of Playa Vista, LA’s fastest-growing business community.

Playa Vista, which is minutes in either direction from Venice and LAX, was the original home of Howard Hughes’s Spruce Goose; in fact, the original hangar has been used to film Iron Man and Avatar in recent years.

Bound by Lincoln to the West, the 405 to the East, the 90 to the North, and the hillside campus of Loyola Marymount to the South, clusters of businesses set up on either side of Jefferson Boulevard, with the Hercules / Campus area being the corporate epicenter.


Development in the area was mired in litigation back in the 90’s, when Dreamworks originally wanted to set up shop in the area.

Dreamworks settled in Glendale, but since then, a whole slew of corporate tenants have moved in.

Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Verizon, and numerous ad agencies anchor north of Jefferson Blvd.

UCLA, USC, Belkin, ICANN, IMAX, Facebook, and YouTube claimed space south of Jefferson, and Yahoo and Google both announced new buildouts in early 2015.

Add to that recent additions of Rubicon Project, Fullscreen, and Toms, plus a few hundred residential units with retail, and you have a huge boost to the area, which is expected to triple from 7,000 to 20,00 residents in the coming years.

But unless you live there or work there, most people have never experienced this mythical land in real life!

So, in addition to this article from January 2015 and its resultant video (above), we introduce to you the official map of Playa Vista 2016, courtesy of our friends at Madison Partners.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.50.13 AM
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Yahoo has since moved in, Google’s massive new space is still under development, Honest Company will be moving down from Santa Monica in the coming months, and a new space called The Brickyard has already broken ground.

At the bottom of the map you can see key buildings and availability — hit up Matt Sprowles of Madison Partners at (MSprowles at madisonpartners dot net or on Twitter) for all your commercial real estate needs.

FEBRUARY 2016 EDIT: Curbed LA recently broke the news that Facebook was moving across the street to be next door neighbors with R/GA — that 35,000 square foot space is part of PLAYA JEFFERSON, that block of buildings in the dead center of the map, on the north side of Jefferson.


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