Creative Revolution

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Date(s) - 06/09/2016
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

DTLA General Assembly



The New Creative Revolution

There’s a new creative revolution that’s just getting started. And it’s being built on breakthroughs in our understanding of why we do what we do. This new toolkit is helping Apple, Uber, Barack Obama and other innovative names do more with less. Now, in the right hands, it can inspire a renaissance in creativity within business and society.

Drawing on practical experience working with leading brands, agencies, governments and start-ups around the world, Thomas Cornwall, Director of Behave, London’s creative behavioral practice, reveals how you can turn this to your advantage.

In this wide-ranging talk, you’ll discover:

The new way to out-think industry giants like Amazon and Coca-Cola
How to use behavioral insights to boost your creativity
The “irrational” approach to making better products, campaigns and business models
Why technology needs psychology to succeed
7 principles of behavior change
The future of creative innovation in society
And much more…

Whether you’re a CEO looking to gain an edge on the competition. A marketer looking to do more effective work. Or just curious to find out how creativity can change the world. This event is a “must-see” way to kick-start your success in 2016.

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