JUKIN MEDIA Receives $2M Strategic Investment from Samsung Venture

JUKIN MEDIA, the global leader in user-generated entertainment with more than one billion monthly views across digital platforms, has raised $2 million in funding from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (“Samsung Venture”). The new capital will provide financial flexibility for Jukin as it continues to grow rapidly.

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“We have several profitable and expanding business units, which is rare for a company at this stage,” said Lee Essner, President and COO of Jukin Media. “Although we have always funded the company solely from operations and have not yet touched any previously raised investor capital, the Samsung Venture investment gives us maximum flexibility to expand our investment in tech and original production, both of which have been pivotal factors in our sustained growth.”

While Jukin was built on its ability to monetize individual user-generated video clips via licensing and online monetization, the company’s ability to package those clips and build entertainment brands around them has fueled its recent growth across online video platforms, OTT services, and in television.

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In addition to its capabilities in original creative and programming, Jukin continues to offer industry-leading licensing, syndication, white-label production, clearance, and other services for its business-to-business operations, which give brands, digital publishers, and production studios the ability to leverage the web’s most compelling user-generated and viral video content.

In 2014, Jukin Media raised a total of $2.2 million from BDMI, Maker Studios, Karlin Ventures, Peter Guber, Allen DeBevoise, Richard Wolpert, Brad Zions, Canyon Creek Capital, Kombo Ventures, and Launchpad LA.

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