KAIROS 50 Connect with VCs on the Warner Bros Lot

On Tuesday October 13, Kairos Society brought together young, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to the Warner Brothers Studios lot for the Kairos Summit, which highlighted the efforts of the Kairos 50.

Kairos 50 companies showcased their wares in areas such as agriculture and health:

Included in the Kairos 50 are LA-based companies HUSTLE and LOCAL ROOTS

Kairos 2014 company Cortex Composites displayed their cutting-edge concrete solution

Mentors offered advice at roundtables during lunch hour

LA City CTO Peter Marx welcomed the Kairos 50 to town

Noatble VCs spoke about what they look for in investable companies

Tim Draper spoke with Kairos 50 alumni

Ev Williams and James Joaquin of Obvious Ventures discussed areas where they invest

Winners included these companies in the following categories:

Obvious Ventures will invest a $50,000 uncapped note in ChemiSense, a sensor and software solution to improve cost and efficiency of air quality monitoring.

500 Startups awarded one $50,000 note to Rumarockets, an artificial intelligence platform for hiring and talent management.

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center awarded a resource package to four K50 companies: BioBots, Bionik, Erghis, Suncayr.

Law Firm Morrison Foerster (MoFo!) will give a $25,000 Prize in Pro-Bono Legal Services to BioBots.

TM Forum selected LeapYear, SaiSai Wireless, and Trimaker to attend TM Forum Live 2016 in Cote D’azure.

Dray Technologies won the eBay award of an in-depth user experience design consultation and ongoing mentorship.

Delta Air Lines awarded Cosmos Labs with $10,000 in flight vouchers.

TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie will invest $25,000 in Ava, mobile app that transcribes conversations to empower the hearing-impaired.
Screenshot 2015-10-15 at 11.32.34 AM
Photo: Ian Bailey for Kairos

Kairos founder Alex Fiance, Tobey Maguire, and Kairos Portfolio manager Miles Bird
Screenshot 2015-10-15 at 11.34.54 AM
Photo: Ian Bailey for Kairos

And Investor Tim Draper took the NYC subway all the way to Burbank!
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Photo: Ian Bailey for Kairos

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