Mayor Garcetti NAILS IT with SXSW Visit

Although he was barely in town for 24 hours, Los Angeles rolled into Austin and owned SXSW on behalf of LA’s tech scene.

Garcetti played the role as the city’s chief Biz Dev Officer by speaking at two public events, holding court at a couple of private VC receptions, and dropping by LA-run company parties wherever he could.

The Mayor did what any great Mayor should do — drum up interest & business for his town by highlighting the innovations by its administration and its citizens. And the dude nailed it on all points, making sure to acknowledge all sectors and classes of LA’s people and industries, so that a rising tide can lift all boats, not just a small sector of the tech elite. #longLA

His SXSW visit involved a quick drive-by at Friday night’s Social Gaming Network party, run by former MySpace head Chris DeWolfe.
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Saturday included a stop at the Fast Company Grill to talk up the city’s accomplishments to a well-heeled crowd of media & tech power brokers.

A couple hours later, Garcetti was onstage at SXSW, delivering his LA and the Innovation Economy keynote, before bringing out Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and Troy Carter of Atom Factory to discuss the merits of running a business in LA.

In addition to talking tech & entertainment, Mayor Garcetti addressed conservation, helping the homeless and veterans, re-education programs for the working class, making the most of our deep bench of locally-taught engineering talent, and working to help women & minorities meet their fullest potential in LA.

Immediately after wrapping his panel, Garcetti jetted over to Peshe to meet with a packed reception hosted by Siemer & Associates, which included Paige Craig, Leura Fine (Laurel & Wolf), Cody Simms (Disney Acclerator / Techstars), Chance Barnett (Crowdfunder), and Tom Cherniak (Command Post).

Followed by a stop at Eddie V’s for the Upfront Ventures gathering, attended by notables such as Amoruso, Abe Burns (Sound Ventures), Matt Mazzeo (lowercase capital), Patrick Eggan (Qualcom Ventures), Gabe Greenbaum (Pritzker), Juan Bruce & Jason Ahmad (Epoxy), Walter Driver (Scopely), Brent Bushnell (Two-Bit Circus), Michael Schneider (Mobile Roadie), Mike Dudas (Button), Rob Rhinehart (Soylent), and Liz Heller.

The Mayor then went right back to the airport to catch an 8pm flight, so he could see his family before getting up bright & early to officiate the 6:30am start of the LA Marathon. BAM!

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