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BAILY HANCOCK is the GSD of LA — the Get Sh*t Done Gal, which has served her well in her position as General Assembly’s (GA) Global Business Development Producer, responsible for partnerships for GA’s LA and DC campuses. In her first year at GA, Hancock has risen from managing local classes, workshops, and events as LA’s Campus Marketing Producer to helping GA build out partnerships in the communities in which they are located.

Hancock approaches partnerships within each city with the mindset, of “How can we be a resource for the city?” working closely with Chambers of Commerce and other local membership organizations to provide GA perks and and build relations within each community.

General Assembly is best known as an educational institution that offers courses in tech, business, and design, but it is also a community hub, hosting events as varied as monthly Tech Tuesdays with the local Chamber of Commerce, but also events like February’s DogVacay Yappy Hour (link).

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GA is located in 13 cities worldwide, including New York City, Boston, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, and LA. GA has three locations in the Los Angeles area — two in Santa Monica (one at 2nd St, another at 16th), and a third in the Maker City LA Space in Downtown LA.

The 2nd Street location also just took over the old Launchpad LA space, thus expanding the campus to allow for more classes, which continue to fill up on a daily basis.


Every day there’s a new headline talking about how LA is going through this massive tech-fueled growth phase, and it’s true. You see it everywhere, and yet many people wonder how to get involved. And this is where General Assembly helps job seekers acquire the skills needed to start or to transition into a career in tech, business, and design.

Of all the students that come through GA’s doors, Hancock figures that although a good percentage of them are looking to pursue a career in tech, many come to GA to level up in their current career by learning a new skill (like Digital Marketing or Front-End Web Development).

General Assembly has helped provide training for tech job seekers in LA through various levels of courses, depending on ones time commitments:

GA Los Angeles offers Immersives (link) that meet 9-5 every weekday, and vary in length from 4 to 12 weeks:

Sales & Business Development Immersive
User Experience Design Immersive
Web Development Immersive

Part Time 10-Week Courses
(link) that meet 3 hours a week x 2 or 6 hours on Saturdays are:

Back-End Web Development
Data Science
Digital Marketing
Front-End Web Development
Mobile Development
Product Management
User Experience Design
Visual Design

As well as a slew of Workshops (2-3 hours x 2 days), and one-off classes taught by local experts (90 minutes – 2 hours). (link)

The Immersive classes offer a deep dive into multiple facets of a single subject, so that students understand the basics and gravitate towards the area of that subject that best suits them, and helps with interview skills, portfolio building, and job fairs in order to help graduates get their foot in the door.

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And all this is done in a challenging schedule that prepares students for work in the real world. And like a college campus, students can connect with each other and network with amazing instructors (most of whom come from the corporate space), but without taking unnecessary classes in order to fill arbitrary requirements.

Hancock went on to explain the General Assembly Opportunity Fund, which helps pay tuition for underrepresented groups of people, whether it be minorities or veterans or another group. GA matches the amount in these Funds, which have previously been launched by Google, rapper NAS, and Reddit founder Alexis Ohinian, among others.

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So yeah, if I were a kid growing up in the Midwest with a passion for programming, I would immediately pack my bags, hop on the bus, share a beachside apartment with four other guys, and take an Immersive Course at GA immediately.

And somebody mix me a Barktini for that upcoming DogVacay Yappy Hour while I’m thinking about it.

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