Morning News, 2/19: NewCo, Science, Shira Lazar, Uber, Jukin, Prevoty, and yes, Snapchat

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Goodness, what a busy 24 hours in LA — between the tons of events and slew of raises announced, this is a sign of much bigger things to come here in the months ahead.

First off, congrats to SHIRA LAZAR on the launch of HOT ON THE TUBE (#HOTT), a VH1 YouTube show featuring interviews with top YouTube talents. Kudos to her growing empire after years of perseverence, Shira’s been doing her thing and has owned the space for quite some time, and continues to build ‘What’s Trending’ with her own team around the world.

UBER just announced the launch of a carpooling service in LA

JUKIN MEDIA just launched a video distro product with partners AOL, Yahoo, ViralNova, and others (link)

Santa Monica-based DogVacay & Dollar Shave Club backers SCIENCE INC raised another $20 million (link)

JOHN BATTELLE just received seed funding for his amazing NEWCO Festival Series (link)

Everybody welcome crypto service PREVOTY to LA and congratulate them on the launch (link)

SNAPCHAT now lets you add music to your snaps (link)

In other SNAPCHAT news, CEO Evan Spiegel spoke at USC last night, full article here (link)

also spoke with VANITY FAIR editor GRAYDON CARTER at USC for Oscars Week (link)

is hosting another job fair for its students today, and Washio is bringin’ da coookies!!!!

is testing wi-fi on its bus system

While the Department of Transportation just announced its own payment app

hosted a Pasadena Tech Crawl at local businesses, wraping with a party at the brand new CROSS CAMPUS location!

And customer service expert PHIL TERRY spoke at FANDANGO last night

PS, this morning’s surf report:

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