Morning News 3/13: SXSW, LA Marathon, Zuma Ventures

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Here’s what’s new in the world of LA tech:

Out the door bright & early for SXSW. Let’s promote the f**k out of each other in Texas, mark all your tweets #sxswla or #techla and we’ll be more than happy to retweet the best stuff.

And if you Meerkat during SXSW, make sure it’s quality stuff, don’t waste anyone’s battery life or bandwidth broadcasting garbage. Unless you’re really drunk at 4 in the morning. People love that stuff. Nope, wait, think before you Kat.

If you happen to be in LA over the weekend, here is the path for Sunday morning’s Marathon, stay hydrated if you’re running it.

David Carter and his crew at ZUMA VENTURES are weeks away from launching their first product Flying Yak, learn more in this feature article

And thanks to Cameron Kashani & Yohei Nakajima for bringing this motley crew of LA Tech’s community organizers (above) together this past weekend.

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