Santa Monica’s HAWKE MEDIA is Your Outsourced CMO

Hawke Media founder Erik Huberman knows a thing or two about digital marketing. Having started his company from a solo venture to now employing nearly thirty, Huberman’s team are experts at helping businesses of all sizes acquire new customers.

“We take a look at what a business is currently doing, and then build a team of experts to complement their existing capabilities. Then we go in, month to month and a la carte. We look at their Facebook advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing, website, affiliate, you name it. We work to understand what a company is doing well, and what they are missing and then build a menu of the things we think they should incorporate, at a less expensive rate than doing it in-house, with no commitments or contracts.

“We are dedicated to driving results, and comfortable living by that, which is why we stick with this monthly model; it seems to be working, because we are able to deliver on what we commit to doing.”


It may sound weird to agencies who are accustomed to scoring long-term contracts from big clients, but this nimbleness, attention to detail, and ability to deliver results has helped Hawke retain a healthy roster of clients for its marketing services.

Says Huberman, “We’re very different. If we get stuck in normal RFP process, I don’t expect to win, we don’t believe in fluff. We’re keeping clients, they’re sticking around, so we’re obviously delivering on what we promise. We know customer acquisition and retention and nurturing and social validation very well.”

Hawke takes a brass-tacks mentality to delivering results over fluff: “Our focus is, ‘Let’s test 50 different types of [an ad], see which one resonates the best, and build it off on more ROI,’ we’re way more data focused. We’re not going to win that award in AdWeek, but we’re going to make very consistent scalable money for these companies.”

This lean startup mode has been with Huberman for some time, having run three e-commerce startups (including a stint at Science), before consulting for fashion & fitness e-commerce brands.

Along the way, he noticed a huge disconnect, working with companies doing $300 million in annual sales, yet only raking in $60 thousand a month online. “We saw a lot of people with an idea of what they wanted to do, but had a lack bandwidth.”

And size is no matter — Hawke works with apartment-run startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies with billions dollars in annual sales.


Huberman also credits Hawke’s success to the community vibe of LA’s tech and creative agency world, which is all based on relationships, and working as seamlessly as possible with each other for the best interests of their clients.

“It’s been a huge function of our growth, a very ‘rise together’ mentality here; everyone wants to help each other. We have partnered up with agencies that do everything we do except for one thing, and we send each other business.”

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Scott Perry -- LA Tech Digest founder

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