Venice’s ONE ROOF COWORKING Brings Aesthetic Space to Female Entrepreneurs

ONE ROOF COWORKING cofounders Sheree Rubinstein and Gianna Wurzl met in Australia, where each was running special events for women.

Says Rubinstein, the two “Shared a common passion for female entrepreneurs and empowering women, so it seemed like a perfect for us to come together and make something happen.”

Wurzl adds, “Coworking is very popular, but the female sector hasn’t been paid much attention to yet. Aesthetic is important, physical space is important in the digital age, so why don’t we bring clients into beautiful homes that inspire the makers to feel comfortable and feel supported, so that we can more easily share and help one another.”

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ONE ROOF COWORKING cofounders Gianna Wurzl & Sheree Rubinstein

The two tested this concept — creating special spaces for female entrepreneurs to work in AirBnB-listed homes — in Melbourne with astounding results. Having 400 people come through the space in six days inspired them to bring the concept to LA, where Wurzl is originally from.

Says Rubinstein, “We recognize that a coworking space requires more than just wi-fi and a desk. It’s really about having the tools and the events an entrepreneur needs for inspiration, to learn, and to make meaningful connections to other people to progress with their ideas.”

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One Roof will be offering brainstorming sessions, guest speakers, professional coaching, entrepreneurial tools and resources, events, meditation, yoga, exclusive dinners and even a place to stay.

And although the space caters to women, entrepreneurs from a variety of fields (not just tech) are welcome. Says Wurzl, “The most beautiful things come from the most unlikely connections.”

One Roof is pledging 2% of profits to support SHE powered by Spark* International, a new initiative with the purpose to find and support female entrepreneurs that are improving the entrepreneurial women need to progress their ideas.

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Daily, weekly, and monthly passes for their Venice-based location, and is available as an event space. For more info, go to their site for more details.

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