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What does Los Angeles 2015 look like?

LA TECH DIGEST was created by Scott Perry to answer this very question, to build a snapshot of what’s going on in Los Angeles / Silicon Beach — the startups, the old guard, the VCs, the events — to tell the story of the people, places, and things that make LA unique.

In all honesty, this site ain’t nothing but one big honkin’ advertisement for LA — I grew up in small-town Alabama, having images of California beamed to me via episodes of shows like ‘CHiPs’ and ‘Three’s Company.’ And I hope each article posted lures young smart people out here to this wonderful place in search of new opportunities, a nice countermeasure to the trash that most reality shows spew out to the rest of the world.

We love New York. We have complete respect for everything that San Francisco and Seattle have built. We have complete jealousy over housing prices in Austin and Chicago, and hope that smaller towns lure top talent to build their own next big things. But let’s be honest — LA is a pretty amazing town on the cusp of Very Big Things, and nearly every single tech CEO has a second (or third or fortieth (*cough* LarryEllison *cough*)) house down here, even if they don’t admit it to their workers.

We hope that you join us on this journey, as LA continues to map its path as the place where entertainment and technology meet.

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