Cameron Kashani Launches COACCEL, The Human Accelerator

CAMERON KASHANI is the Godmother of Silicon Beach, having cofounded LA’s first coworking space, Coloft, in 2010. Coloft has been home to over 1400 alumni, including Uber LA, Instacart, and Fullscreen.

After a prolonged divorce from her husband and business partner, Kashani has since gone on to work with 4000+ Entrepreneurs and 650+ startups, and is an advisor to Bixel Exchange, as well as an International Speaker with US State Department.

It has not been an easy path, but through her own life lessons Kashani found a need to help individuals overcome their own personal challenges, and has launched CoAccel, The Human Accelerator.


We recently sat down with Kashani to get a better understanding of CoAccel, and here is what she had to say:

Congratulations on the new endeavor! What is a Human Accelerator?
CoAccel, The Human Accelerator brings the concept of Startup Accelerators to a new level, directing energy and focus around the most important piece of the puzzle: The Human, Yourself.

You are the ultimate product; your work, innovations and products are an extension of yourself. Our core value offering is a three month self acceleration program that is one-on-one. We all need a support system. We all want to save time. We work with you to trigger the mechanism of success and happiness, while alleviating anxiety and stress, and the results are powerful.

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What was the impetus for the creation of CoAccel?
It spawned from my personal story. I went through a really hard time; my divorce finalized last March 2015. During my downward spiral, I was blessed to encounter an angel on my path – Jasmine Hannaby. She is a well respected, globally renowned intuitive counselor and coach to high-level Politicians and CEOs, who has been helping her clients all around the world since 2001 with a 99.99% success rate.

She saw something in me, and I remember asking myself why this incredible, powerful, lady who built up the world’s most powerful people, believed in me — but it kept me holding on. She would repeat the only words that got me through the darkest time of my life and her belief in me, her unique method and light­hearted approach, her incredible gift, and her invaluable guidance is what allowed me to see what I didn’t — my blind spots — and she does it in an empowering way.

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CoAccel cofounder Jasmine Hannaby

As soon as I found her, I never felt alone. Never lost hope. Someone understood me, heard me and loved me even if I didn’t love myself back then. Her guidance is the reason I know I can be anything I want so long as I believe in my power. She made me understand the power of believing and the power of our thoughts. She gave me the tools, resources and support that I so desperately needed; and I did the work. She helped me discover my power in a completely new light that made me understand myself at a level that I may have never understood.

Had I found her long ago, I would’ve saved myself a lot of time, money and most of all, A LOT of heartache. I want everyone to have a Jasmine. And in conjunction with my experience in building entrepreneurs and ecosystems, this is a highly unique program.

A year later, my life is unrecognizable. I’m free and empowered to be myself. I have a voice. A loud one. I am working with the US State Department as an Expert Speaker — I spread the message of peace in the form of power — specifically entrepreneurship. I’m a leader that wants to transform how business is done.

Together we created CoAccel, The Human Accelerator that incorporates our experience and expertise bundled up into a three months powerful program for which the enrolling is now open.

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What are the hallmarks of your service?
Intuitive Coaching, Technology Expertise, Mindfulness, and Leadership will bring endless possibilities to upgrade yourself and unleash the Powerful and Mindful leader you are. We equip you with the tools you need to accelerate your business, work, and life. We provide resources and guidance with anything from pitch decks to marketing, funding and partnership strategies. Additionally, our unique program will bring clarity, confidence and crave for challenge. You’ll learn how to optimize yourself and increase your contribution to the world while eliminating common pitfalls that slow down your growth.

Self­ Acceleration lets you identify and understand the emotional patterns and dynamics that enchains you to insecurity, anxiety, and lack of decision. For example you may experience self limiting feelings and beliefs about yourself and your success, like, “If I can do it, anybody can,” or maybe you get crushed when you hear criticism, be it constructive or otherwise. These patterns drain your energy and confidence, making you risk averse and can slow down or possibly hinder you from achieving optimal success. Self Acceleration goes beyond coaching, its approach is more powerful, and not available otherwise.

Sessions are:
IMMERSIVE: One on One intensive coaching sessions and group sessions will ignite new awareness and creativity, increasing your self confidence and motivation, and ultimately letting you understand how to fully leverage your passion through entrepreneurship.

EFFECTIVE: Using Intuitive coaching and technology experts, the 3 month program will allow selected entrepreneurs to quickly unleash their potential and reach beyond their goals.

ENERGETIC: Jasmine and I will lead personally each session to realign your higher personal purpose and professional goals.

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Who is this geared toward?
We focus on leaders and pioneers in the technology space: founders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, as long as they are ready to switch their life for something greater. Entrepreneurs are already enrolling in San Francisco, where Jasmine is based, and we both work globally.

Is there a fixed path or timeline?
The SELF Accelerator is our core product. A 3 month program to optimize your business, your life and yourself. This program will accelerate your business goals and you’ll realize it’s applicable across your whole life. Every journey is unique, and we customize every step of the program to the specifics of your profile.

What are the expected outcomes for people attending your programs?
Through self acceleration, you are able to transform any limiting patterns and dynamics and turn them into effective strategies that will lead to the quality of work and partnerships you deserve, and as a result, experience a better life. You Unleash Yourself, and Realize how Powerful and Capable you are.

Career and work is a major part of your well­-being, and we want you to experience passion and harmony through the expression of your work and business. We will support you all along the program and beyond. We will help you feel more at peace by managing your fears, and providing solutions to the challenges you encounter. You will learn how to incorporate powerful techniques and business tools. You will perform with power, produce more results, increase your performance, all while maintaining a sense of serenity and balance. Through evaluating your progress, you’ll notice a transformation from within, and how people interact with you in a new way. If you are an employee, for example, you will be understood, valued, and irreplaceable. Your boss or environment will no longer be a cause of stress or concern.

Alternatively, If you have decided to start your own venture, or have already, you are taking the plunge for the better. We will help you create a smooth transition between your two lives. We will teach you how to relieve the stress caused by the transition and uncertainty. We will also give you the Business Tools, Marketing, Communication and Social Strategies to walk this path easily. Most importantly in this process are the immersive sessions that will allow you to discover fun, efficient, and easy new ways to accelerate and rediscover yourself.


Is there anything else we need to know about you or the service?
We accelerate you through your work. We support you and help you navigate your journey, avoid roadblocks, and implement mechanisms of success within you. You will understand what you are really capable of, and embrace that vision in 3 months or less. Decoding your trial and errors will provide you with shortcuts around obstacles, whether they are apparent or not.

Life is a team sport and a support system is invaluable. Dissipating the fear and stress provides you with greater clarity, resulting in performing at your optimal ability. Taking actions toward your ultimate goal will shift your life to a higher level. Whether you are starting a business, scaling a business, leading a team, part of a team; you will unleash your inner badass to its full extent. And become a powerful, mindful, fulfilled, happy human, that operates from purpose, is fueled by passion, and impacts their environments.

It’s basically bullet­proof and we love help our clients win. Be your true powerful, human self and bring it with you to work. That’s how we can transform our lives and propel the world forward, through our work.

To find out more about CoAccel, click here or find Cameron Kashani on Twitter.


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