srfr Launches Dongle-Free Mobile-to-TV Streaming

Venice-based SRFR just launched a technology to easily stream video content from your mobile device to smart television, including videos from Facebook, Dropbox, Snapchat, and your camera roll, all without having to purchase a separate dongle or stick to plug into your TV.

By leveraging advanced proprietary technology, a simple User Interface, and an OTT complimentary API against the existing lag in platform-agnostic IoT technology, srfr lets users cut through all the noise and just watch.

Want to show your best friend videos of your amazing vacation to Bali stored on your iPhone? srfr. Want to sit back on your couch and watch your Facebook video feed? srfr. Need to show the marketing team those assets in your Dropbox, but your tablet won’t sync with their existing streaming system? srfr.

Says srfr CEO and founder Dan Unger, “The reason we started srfr is that we experienced first-hand the pain of a friend sending you a video and you only being able to watch it on your phone if at all. In today’s environment where everyone is creating and watching videos on their phones and spending more time on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, the need for an easy solution like srfr is critical.”


In addition to being platform-agnostic and fantastically easy to use, srfr utilizes a cloud-based solution utilizing open source DLNA along with its own proprietary technology — not only does srfr allow users to stream digital videos from device to TV, the app also lets them easily stream content from their Facebook and Snapchat accounts, Dropbox files, even their mobile device’s camera roll.

srfr is also working on licensing agreements to bring this technology to market leading OTT Video apps.

srfr is available on iOS and Android for your TV and mobile device. Go to the App store or Google Play store to download it for free today.

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