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Upon the first anniversary of LA Tech Digest, founder Scott Perry seeks to build TECH LA CARES, an organization that efficiently matches local tech companies with charitable organizations and events throughout the Los Angeles community:

As many of you know, I have spent the past year immersing myself in LA’s fast-growing tech scene.

And in doing so, I have met some fascinating people doing great things, from city officials and VCs, to startups and pioneers of industry.

The Goldhirsh Foundation just opened up voting for this year’s recipients of LA2050 grants, in order to improve LA life in five categories: Learn, Create, Connect, Play, Live.

I am proposing the buildout of a portal and service called TECH LA CARES (TLC), which efficiently matches LA-area tech companies with community-based organizations and volunteer events.

I submitted this proposal in the CONNECT category, and could really use your help in boosting votes & awareness: #LA2050 “CONNECT” CHALLENGE: TECH LA CARES

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Help us connect #techLA w/ community ctrs in need. #VoteLA2050 Tech LA Cares (TLC)

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Help us connect LA-area tech companies with community organizations and volunteer events. Vote Tech LA Cares (TLC) at


More info about TECH LA CARES:
I lived in San Francisco during the original dotcom heyday, and I saw a huge disconnect between the haves and have-nots — IPO parties on the rooftops, tons of homeless people on the streets below.

After fully committing myself to LA’s tech scene in the past year, I see the beginnings of that same disconnect here.

My hope is to help area businesses efficiently work with their communities, so that the rising fortunes of the city’s brightest also helps those in need.

I see a lot of area tech firms doing good within their communities, but we can always do better.

Tech LA Cares (TLC) would assess the needs of local organizations, survey the capabilities of local startups and tech companies, and make it easy for the two to connect.

These volunteer opportunities may be one-off events like charity walks, neighborhood cleanups, donation drives, or food bank days, to more detailed / long-term commitments such as mentorships, adopt-a-school, and more.

The TLC website will feature an LA nonprofit directory, neighborhood map, and events calendar, as well as organization spotlights and events recaps, that showcase the corporate and community worlds connecting for the good of their communities.

TLC will also have a reps working with the community organizations as well as with the member companies — even in this all-digital world, the human element is still important, especially since a lot of volunteer organizations are not as technologically advanced as area businesses.

Participating companies and organizations will also be TLC-certified, so that they can display their involvement, both online and in the real world.

Anyone can throw money at a problem, but there also has to be a means for businesses to work closer with their communities, and be recognized for such efforts — such philanthropic endeavors do produce great PR, but it also produces stronger ties to the community, and efforts like these can serve as an example for other cities to follow.

Thank you.

Scott Perry

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Scott Perry -- LA Tech Digest founder

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